Augmented & Mixed Reality

The second doctoral seminar that I am taking this semester is called “Mobile Cinema” (and it is cross listed as Art Actuel [french] I believe). I took this course thinking it would focus on the line of thinking that the cinematic experience is altered through mobile technologies (before I saw the course description below). Fragmented viewing impacting elements such as narrative, flow and even aesthetic (since the peripheral view is no longer a darkened cinema) as the movement one experiences during, say, viewing a movie on your ipod on the bus alters the overall aesthetic experience.

But instead, I was pleasantly surprised after the first seminar to find out that the course is actually more about the impact of technologies on perceptions of reality; creating what is often called ‘augmented reality ‘ and/or ‘mixed reality’. From the course outline and introductory seminar, we are going to look at how technologies alter the perceptions of space and time and immersion (among other themes such as mapping, and interactivity). Although I have read alot of material surrounding these themes from a communications and sociology bend, it will be interesting to learn more about this from various perspectives.  Since the course is cross listed with the Art History department, we will be reading works on technologies and developments of perspective as well as the use of space in various art forms (sculpture, site-specific art etc.).

I am excited, as I already have my final project topic planned!

Here is the course description (in french) from the seminar schedule:

“Approche spécifique d’une recherche : le cinéma mobile
Le séminaire sera l’occasion de revenir sur l’histoire et la théorie des dispositifs de présentation de l’image, depuis le trompe-l’œil et le kinétoscope jusqu’aux « pervasive games ».”


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