Recycling Woes

After barely a week at home, I send out my first batch of recycling to be picked up this morning only to have one of the dedicated recycling bags thrown back into my walkway -rejected. I was confused and a little bit angry about it. Guess I have to get used to the city’s idea of ‘recyclable’ as compared to ‘dry’ recycling, which is what I have been doing all summer at my sister’s. At least there, their “dry” list is clearly printed out and laminated with tons of items or item types on it, so I can figure out what goes in the blue bag or the black bag (sesame street recycling!). The list I was given by the city of montreal has three categories, a few hand drawn pictures and basically states “paper, glass & plastics”.

The rejected bag this morning contained packing styrofoam (from a table), which has a recyclable symbol all over it. It is accepted as “dry” recyclables in New Brunswick, and was once accepted here. I am frustrated as to what I can put in the clear bag and what not. The list I did read seems so random. And now I have to rebag it into a black bag, as the garbage men will not pick up clear recycling bags.

Enough whining I suppose, and back to work.


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