Work & Play

Well, after much rambling yesterday, I have decided to continue on with my vacation. There will be plenty of time (like 10 months!) to be in the city, and summer vacation only lasts so long. As a good friend told me last night, I would be a little crazy to come home before I absolutely had to – most people try to extend their holidays, not cut them short. (Perhaps having a second day with a decent internet connection has changed my mood as well – who knows heh)

But since I am sticking around for 17 more days, I figure I must get some of the work done that I have had on my play since I left Montreal. The book review that I am writing for RCCS is almost done – if anyone is interested in helping me edit it (only 1,000 wrds) please let me know – the two people who usually edit are currently MIA.  I have to write a wrap up report for a project that I started eons ago (a reminder why it is important to get everything done all at once – so hard to get back into the headspace of the research no matter how much I read over the material. And finally, sitting on my bedside table, collecting dust is Derrida’s Of Grammatology, which I FINALLY got through the translators preface last night! Now if it can stop being sunny out, maybe I will get some work done!


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