Summer is Here : Sporadic Posting

Monday is my convocation ceremony, and to celebrate, my mother is coming to visit for a week. It will be the first time in 8 years that she has been to visit. We are excited for her to see our new condo, spend some leisurely summer afternoons on any number of Montreal’s great sidewalk terraces, take in the first night of the International fireworks competition, and of course, make a day out of visiting Ikea, since there are none east of Montreal.

After my mother’s visit, I have a week left in the city, which will mostly be spent getting ready to leave the city for the summer for the east coast (mostly New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) the summer sun and sandy beaches will do us all some good. Although I will have some internet connection, I imagine posting will become sporadic over the next 7 weeks.

Of course I will still keep reading, working and trying to write. I’ve decided to help me along, I will be moving my “currently reading” list to actual pages so that I can keep notes. What I hope – some day – is that others will add comments to the reading notes – perhaps to spur on a different train of thought I would may have otherwise come to on my own. But if not, at least it will be a good, digital space to save my reading notes.


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