Calculations & Play Patterns

I have been reading this book over the last few days, and one of the characters is obsessed with plotting numbers of occurences and distances (related to the holocaust in his example) and correlating them to the result of a double dice role. Inspired by the game of roulette, he is convinced that by using these numbers, there is come greater calculation that will prove that there is no such thing as randomness in the universe, therefore proving that all events in the world are potentially predictable; including the holocaust, and other genocides past and future.

The thing is, he hasnt quite figured out what the actual mathematical calculation will be (at least not at the part of the book that I am currently at), and he believes that as long as he is collecting the relevant data, rolling his dice and keeping track of it all in mountains of notebooks, the calculations will reveal themselves (organically so to speak) when there is enough data to figure out the answer. A form of mathematical grounded theory you could say, which will, he hopes, answer specific philosophical questions about time, space and the human form.

As his theories (and most of the book) is driven by the game of roulette, (misconceived) notions of chance and patterns of probability, it got me thinking alot about play patterns in repetitive (video) gameplay, and how, with the right amount of cumulated data on recorded play sessions of players, one could map out individualized play(er) biographies. What purpose they would serve? At this point, I cannot imagine it being more than sociological curiosity, but somehow, I have this nagging feeling, that – like the character in my book – if I collect the data, code it by emerging elements from within the data and file it away, patterns would emerge and gain meaning.  


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