A Question of Aesthetics

And identity of course. I am struggling with finding aesthetic peace here at wordpress; not for the lack of options, but rather quite the opposite really. With blogger, I had a limited amount of templates to choose from, and any alterations or personalization was done through the code of the template. Often time consuming, and to be quite honest, I never got it quite right, so I always rested on a pre-designed template.

With WordPress, i have more templates available (and I refuse to go further than the options offered to me directly from my dashboard – as I know there are hundreds of others out there that are compatible…). The personalization of the templates is easier as well, which brings me to my dilemna of aesthetics. As spring is (supposed to be) here, I feel a little heavy sticking with the dark blues and greys that I admire so much against the stark contrast of snow and grey/white sky of winter. I need something lighter, airier (something to contrast the dark wet grey outside my windows lately perhaps – to remind me that spring and summer are really closer than it seems).

So, I found the template I like – but the header image I am not so sure about now. It feels too dark and pixelated for the rest of the aesthetic. I need something light, smooth sharp clean lines, while maintaining somewhat of a contrasting ‘header’ feel. Fingers and keyboard feels a little too cliche especially put together with the title of the blog … but what to put there that would relate the idea of conversation, digitality, exploration, struggles and idle chatter mixed in with wishful thinking and pessimistic ramblings.


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