Getting Back Into The Game

Since my formal academic work is complete until I hear word about my fate at Universite de Montreal for the fall session, I have been in a sort of ‘float’ mode. Returning my focus to my family, our new condo (we still have many boxes that need to be unpacked, and the white walls could use some color), and catching up on some reading (I am ACTUALLY reading fiction for the first time in years!) I have been asking myself what is my next step in terms of games.

My entire Undergrad and Graduate research stemmed from my past mmorpg play experience. As writing time surpassed play-time, I became quite disconnected from my object of study – but at least my work was autobiographical, having a good 5 years of intense play to draw upon. But as I re-read my Doctoral Research Proposal (the short version of course), I realize that I have to start playing again – but what, I am not so sure. I am tempted to pick up a new MMO (there are a few that have been released that look like they could be fun), but I know that this isn’t the direction of my research… I am hoping to take what I wrote about EverQuest and other mmorpg’s and see where it stands with other genres and interactive situations. As much as I love the mmo’ genre, I know I have to step outside (my) box, try something new and hope to push my work in a new and hopefully innovative direction, 


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