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A few things have been perculating in the recesses of my brain over the last few days and I figured I might as well blog them before they become larger distractions when I am actually trying to work.

iTunes, eMusic and other minuscule/majuscule words associated with online music. I must say, I am really not impressed these days. I have a fair amount of downloaded music that I purchased over the last few years and ignoring a few problems here and there (iTunes not letting me burn certain CD’s!!) I have been relatively satisfied. Two weeks ago, my usually net savvy daughter caved into a friend’s request to check out a site that she had a bad feeling about – sure enough within minutes, my laptop was filled with bugs, worms, trojans and other malicious pains in the backside. So I had to wipe my entire computer – the first time since I bought it in 2002. I THOUGHT I saved everything I had to, including my music but when I went to reload it from my memory key, the file was not there.

No problem I thought. As far as the hard copies that I actually own, altough time consuming, I can simply reload them. I figured I would be able to go to my eMusic account and re-download the tunes i bought in some sort of ‘purchase history’. Same for iTunes. Instead, when I logged into my accounts and tried to access the music I had purchased, I got a message that said something like “Purchases can only be downloaded one time. It is your responsibility to make back up copies of the music you purchase .. blah blah blah”. I have to say – I was/am furious. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to burn a CD that I received a pop up that reminded me that this music could not be copied, distributed blah blah blah… (p.s. not all songs on my laptop’s iTunes was on my ipod…)

So now I sit here, missing a good half of my library that I already paid for. I have tried hard to play by the rules for my music, but I just feel that I have no other choice but to perhaps find another way to get it back. I mean, I’ve already paid for it. I don’t want to have to pay for it twice.

Now, the rational side of my brain is arguing back that if I had bought the physical tape, record or cd and lost or ruined it, the company would not be liable to replace it free of cost – but somehow, this feels different. In a way, I feel duped. I feel that I bought into the idea that digital is better, that my computer will keep everything neatly stored away. I know that we, as users of technology, are encouraged to make backups of everything – just in case – but for some strange reason, I cannot imagine making 1,015 back ups for my hard copies if I had bought them from the store…


2 thoughts on “Online/Digital Music

  1. at eMusic you can redownload your tunes for free. Just log on and start downloading. As long as they still have the music in their catalog you will be able to redownload it for free.

  2. thnx – as posted above – i am happy to say that the situation has been rectified with emusic – good customer service =)

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