Moving On

Well, it’s been a week since I submitted my thesis, and I suppose it’s time to move on. It took me a few days after submitting to calm down, get rid of the jitters that plagued me every day wondering how my committee was taking to it. A few good days of junk television and hockey games, and it’s time to get on with my academic life.

I started last night by tackling the stack of books that I have been buying during my “no read” time. Over the past year, I have been discouraged to read as I was forever being inspired and spiralling out of theoretical control, so in order to focus on narrowing my work, I read only what was necessary to complete my thesis. It was nice to pick up Taylor‘s Malaise of Modernity. It’s short, sweet and written in a simplified dialogue of sorts (it comes from the Massey Lectures).

I will write more on this text and how it sparks questions of contemporary identity and the desire to seek (or create)digital community and identity.

Indeed, before I start theorizing anew, I need to wrap up some gamecode projects and get my PhD apps out there! Ah how tempting procrastination is =)


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