The Everquest Reader

Looking forward to seeing it in print!

“Online role-playing games are one of the most important yet least intellectually understood areas of digital culture. The EverQuest Reader is a collection of new essays that breaks fresh ground in the fast-growing field of games studies by theorising the major themes, ideas and activities surrounding
the online fantasy role-playing game EverQuest, which boasted nearly half a million players at its height and became a landmark of interactive entertainment in the online age.
Contributions come from many of the most respected writer/players in the world of gaming, including exclusive interview material with EverQuest creator Brad McQuaid. While media coverage often portrays online gaming as an addictive vice, The EverQuest Reader suggests it can be usefully seen as a platform for potentially endless social interaction and competition, thus shedding light on one of the defining social phenomena of our time.”
Eric Hayot is is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arizona.
Edward Wesp is Assistant Professor of English at Western New England College.

Edited by Eric Hayot and Edward Wesp
July 2007
224 pages

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