Free Time, To Do List & God of War 2

Well, now that my thesis is in the safe and critical hands of my committee, I can pretend to relax, and move on to the other things that have been neglected in my life over the last three months. Indeed, I have to see if I even still have friends – as I noticed this morning that one of them who I have not spoken to since January has changed her phone number!

I have recently been invited to participate in a workshop on PhD applications at the upcoming SAGSA conference. Luckily, I only have to speak for about 10 minutes … anyone who knows me might laugh at how I might restrain myself – but I still hate the idea of public speaking (but I am getting better at actually doing it once I’m there). Should prove to be interesting as I am talking about applying to the PhD through contacts.

On that note, I have to get to my PhD application for Universite de Montreal, as they have finally opened up their “Doctorat en Etudes Cinematographiques“, which closes May 1st. Back to the grind of proposal writing, begging people to write nice letters about me and paying the university to look at my application!

Also on my list, is to put together some sort of print/e-version of the proceedings or related works on research methods from Trials & Tribulations symposium last fall. I always feel so bad that its already March, and this is just getting started now, but I think in this case, its better late than never.

Finally…God of War 2. We bought it the other day, and first of all, I have to say it is beautiful. I really enjoyed watching the first one be played (i am not too good at playing it, as my fingers and brain don’t work as fast as the game’s combat system requires – unless I want to have a full blown anxiety attack!). Instead of using the controller, I tend to be the backseat player, asking my partner 100 questions and trying to help with the puzzle sequences.

My youngest daughter also loves to watch her father play. (Different generation, different hobbies I guess heh). I must admit, through all the violence and bloodspill, mixed with a vengeful and testorone oozing being that is Kratos , I was none more disturbed at letting my daughter watch the game as when, early in the game, Kratos is dropped into a tranquil pool of water, with many little ‘spa’ like pools. I encouraged my partner to explore the area, although it looked too quiet for any good battle – surely there had to be something there – else the game would not have dropped him there. Surely enough, he stumbles upon two buxom babes, breasts aheavin’ urging Kratos to come nearer. As Kratos gets close and embraces both of them, you seen the camera pan out and to the right, focusing on a cherub water fountain – emulating urination of course. At this point, you are prompted to start pushing the triangle, circle and square button in rapid succession, as well as turning the center controller around and around. As you push the buttons, the cherub’s fountain sputters a little to the left and a little to the right – all to the moans of the two ladies. If you do not correctly enter the sequence quick enough, Kratos backs away and one of the women states that she was not finished!

My partner found this quite hilarious – he is the god of war sweety, is what he tells me – surely he deserves some respect! So, he tries again, to see what happens. If you follow the sequence correctly, and quickly enough, the cherub’s fountain sputters and then explodes. I was dumbfounded, a little repulsed and quite upset that my daughter (who luckily did not get the reference) found it hilarious that the little cherub was peeing all over the place. Kratos is then rewarded a handsome amount of money for his performance (didnt know the God of War was also a gigilo!)

So far, that is the only sexual reference in the game. But I am both disturbed by its presence, and to my reaction. Why is it ok for my daughter to watch heads being torn off, blood spattering all over. Even though she did not get the reference, why am I so offended by the sexual content and not the violence? Beyond my personal feelings that one need not be explicit to get a point across, I feel that somewhere, the violence should bother me just as much.


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