As the snow melts…

Just under two weeks from that lovely weather forecast I posted, we are seeing the snow melt with temperatures above as High as 13°C! Almost seemed like a waste of time shovelling all that snow.

Now, formally 42 days behind schedule (still technically ahead of the University’s end all deadline for graduation … but that is assuming my committee wants to read and evaluate in 2-3 weeks!). Everyday I work. Everyday I say that THIS is the day that I print and submit… The more I write, the more I stare at my screen and fiddle with sentences and paragraphs, the further behind I get. I still haven’t even looked at fixing my references and bibliography to be pure and strict APA style!

No matter how close to being done I feel, I also feel like I could use another three months (which won’t happen but still – a girl can dream!)… (and speaking of dreaming – since WHEN did this girl’s dream go from sandy beaches and the right umbrella drink to fantasizing about more work time!?!? Travesty I tell you … travesty!

Well, enough procrastination for one day – if I worked as much as I whined about working, surely this would be written in the past tense!


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