Another Milestone

As the year comes to an end, I have passed another milestone in my life – home owner. We have purchased a nice, ground floor 7 1/2 apartment with a large (relative for Montreal) yard, built in 1925 with all the original wood work. In all my adult years, living in and around downtown Montreal, I never thought we would actually own anything, and had made peace long ago with being resigned to paying rent for life. And now, that has all changed… it is weird to think about home ownership in the city. Growing up, I always thought about owning a home to mean a two story house with a front yard, a garden and a forest in the back. Noise was not a factor when you “owned your own place” and now, being a city girl for more than 10 years, owning your own home has nothing to do with noise level but everything to do with resale value, not paying out to the proverbial man and renovating for yourself and not some money grubber….

All in all, it has been quite a busy what with the CGSA in September, my mother’s second wedding in October, the Trials & Tribulations symposium in November, and buying a condo (moving is worse than I remember!). But at least I now have my own office (once I unpack it) to write my thesis in a sunny sunny beautiful room of my own.

Back to work!


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