Since we were talking methods..and other stuff

I just bought Zygmunt Bauman‘s “Identity” book and was reading the introduction by Benedetto Vecchi. I really liked the way Vecchi described Bauman’s method.

…the methodology he brings to bear on the subject aims above all to ‘reveal’ the myriad connections between the object under investigation and other manifestations of life in human society. Indeed, this sociologist of Polish origin finds it essential to gather the ‘truth’ of every feeling, lifestyle and collective behavior. This is only possible if you analyse the social, cultural and political context in which a particular phenomenon exists as well as the phenomenon itself” [p. 2]

What it means to be a sociologist:

For a sociologist, this means perceiving sociology not as a discpline ‘separate’ from other fields of knowledge, but as providing the analytical tool to establish a lively interaction between it and philosophy, social psychology, and narrative. [p.3]

And finally from identity to nostalgia:

…recourses to identity should be considered an ongoing process of redefining oneself and of the invention and reinvention of one’s own history. This is where we find the ambivalence of identity: nostalgia for the past together with complete accordance with ‘liquid modernity’ [p. 7]


4 thoughts on “Since we were talking methods..and other stuff

  1. Hello, I came across your page from the Blogs@Concordia page. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions–I’m having a hard time tracking down MA Soci/Anth students. I know you are an MA Soci, but maybe you can still answer my questions. I am interested in an MA in Anth, and I was wondering about the competitiveness of the program compared to other Canadian MA Anth programs. How many MA students are there now (approx.)? Thank you.

  2. hi
    I dont know how many people are in the Anth Program at the moment. I know that last year, most of my Soci MA classes had about 12-15 people in them, and this year they are larger. Again, I have no idea if this is representative of the Anthro group, as our classes are seperate.

    You might want to check out this link ( for more information, and contact someone directly in the department to find out more information. Hope that helps.

  3. I really like that definition of a sociologist. IT gives me hope too that though I’m ostensibly working within a communications framework in an interdisciplinary institution at the moment, I can still reclaim the title of sociologist later in my career.

    Might have to read that book!

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