Down to the Wire

When I look at my calendar, I cannot believe that it is already November. It seems like a month that has been in the distant future holding the end point of many plans. We have been planning Trials & Tribulations since February. So much has gone into the planning, but now it comes down to the last few days of scrambling to make sure everything goes off without a hitch – in less than a week, something that has consumed me on so many levels will be over. I am both excited to reach the finish line, and nervous that I am getting used to this pace of life, and will not know what to do with myself once it is over. I am sure writing my thesis in 2 months should keep me busy – one would think – but I have yet to do only one thing at a time!

November also brings my moving date into our very first “home”. We purchased a wonderful “condo” (really a ground floor apartment much like the one that we live in but better!) and we get the keys on November 20th. We will have 10 days to move – luckily it is across the street and two buildings down from where I am now. Again, a bittersweet move. Of course I am ecstatic to FINALLY be living in a place that I own. We will have a nice size yard (relative to city living of course) where I can finally bring my laptop out and work with my coffee without fear of being hit up for change. But I have been living where I am now for 7 and a half years. The longest I have lived anywhere in my life (including when I lived with my parents). So in some ways, I am sad to leave this apartment. But surely that will only last a day or two once we get into the new place. Surely the big sunny room that will be my office erase any sadness =)

Hopefully – these changes will help me focus on my last large academic hurdle of my MA. I have been avoiding sitting down and committing to it for many reasons. I know I have my PhD to spill over into, but it seems that my MA thesis has been the driving force behind almost all of my work for the last three years.


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