Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Went to see them tonight …

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Went to see them tonight – not a bad show, but for anyone who has heard this guy’s voice – imagine it gets much worse amplified with a bad sound man controlling the mic. Their opening band – The Brunettes – rocked!!

My daughters go to a school that focus (among other arts) on music. My oldest daughter plays the clarinette (from grade 4 until graduation from High School) and my youngest daughter has just been assigned the trumpet. [In grade four, every child has to play the violin, clarinette, trumpet and flute – based on their final performance scores, they are assigned an instrument]

The Brunettes were great because they have the most ecclectic line-up of instruments. Opening song has ALOT of clarinette in it .. and a trumpet… and the xylophone (the favored instrument of my girls’ school for grades 1 & 2). I am excited to buy their cd so that my girls can see that everything from the triangle and blocks to trumpet, clarinet and electric guitar is cool and can make funky music.

Clap your hands say yeah – well, performance wise were pretty mellow. When the singer wasn’t singing, he had his back to the crowd playing guitar. Guess that’s one of the reasons the tickets were $16 and not $50… nonetheless, was a cool show and was nice to get out and see some live tuneage again.

p.s. went to the brunettes website, they have all their tunes available for direct listening. but i must say, they rock way harder then their studio stuff.


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