Images of Identification I am trying to find a dir…

Images of Identification
I am trying to find a direction and structure for my upcoming presentation on Identity and Identification for my cin6011 class. As I’ve rambled on about before, I am working with these two concepts in relation to the movie and video game of my choice (FFX2 & TBNC). I am from a theoretical background and am quite comfortable theorizing about the theoretical history and appropriation of these concepts in film and games. But I have to give tangible examples of what I am talking about.

And so, the digging for good screenshots of Final Fantasy that depict exactly what it is I am describing begins. I have sifted through many pages of screenshots and have found a few. I am now diving into cut scenes and other film excerpts as well. But the challenge is (and this is a point made in most of the theory of identification I have been reading) is that the identification process between player/viewer and the textual medium is a personal one. Each player/viewer begins from a different starting point. Yes, there are a certain amount of cultural indicators designed into the game and/or film. But how, technically, does a film producer evoke a strong sense of identification? Is it a purely emotional issue? Close-ups and camera angles? Or is it based on the standpoint of the player/viewer in that the producer/scriptwriter/designer attempts to create a narrative that will relate to the widest audience possible to allow various levels of identification to occur?

I am struggling with the the transition from identification (between player/viewer and the character/avatar) to the concept of identity. Usually I work with the construction and maintenance of identity in mmog’s – and that makes sense in terms of the player. But in this case (the case of the cin6011 project) I am wondering whether i should talk about how the film/game develop the identity of the character/avatar and what role the viewer/player have in that on-screen development.

And how do I do all of this without treading into psychological waters?


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