Shrinking My Horizons: From massive to solo play S…

Shrinking My Horizons: From massive to solo play
Stepping a bit outside of my element, I have chosen to work with a solo player game for the comparative analysis component of my game studies course. I chose to work with Final Fantasy X-2. Although not a multi-player game, I am still within my comfort zone working with an RPG. I am looking forward to exploring some of my usual research questions surrounding identity construction and maintenance in a single player game. X-2 is an innovative space since it defies some traditional elements of rpg’s such as an open map from the beginning offering broader boundaries to explore during missions.

As for the film, I have chosen Nightmare Before Christmas. Although not an obvious choice for comparison, but I think it will make for some interesting links seeing as how the film is really an exploration of the self for Jack Skellington, which works well with some general concepts of rpg’s in terms of exploration and the development of identity (of both the player and the character).

This project will also give me an opportunity to read outside of my current corpus of literature venturing into film studies to explore the literature on character development via narrative, elements of identification between player/viewer and game/film. It feels nice to step away from mmog’s a teency bit.


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