CFP: Human Technology Special Issue: Culture, Crea…

CFP: Human Technology Special Issue: Culture, Creativity and Technology

Guest editors: Mark Blythe, University of York; Ann Light, Queen Mary, University of London; Shaleph O’Neill, University of Dundee. Deadline: February 24th 2006.

Advances in interactive computing technology have blurred the line between art, social studies and science. The age of digital reproduction is making radical changes in how art is created, distributed and perceived. Recent work from the humanities and arts has constructively critiqued traditional Interaction Design theory and practice. Studies of experience with technology can provide new insights into the potential of interactivity in contemporary arts and performance, as well as new tools for creativity.

This special issue will provide a forum for radically interdisciplinary analysis of digital technology. It will focus on the role of technology in enhancing culture and creativity. It will seek critical and reflective approaches to the design and analysis of interactive technology. Contributions will be welcomed from the Arts and Humanities as well as the Sciences.
Contributions can take the form of academic papers but also less traditional creative presentation formats such as multimedia, digital artwork and sound.

Areas of Interest
Arts and HCI
New Media and Genres
Technology and Experience
Enabling Creativity
Performance Arts
Entertainment and Leisure
Identity Politics
Collaborative approaches

Approaches of Interest
Interaction design, computer science, engineering, architecture, cultural studies, media studies, literary studies, critical theory, aesthetics, performance arts, digital art, psychology, socio-technical studies.

Please submit papers to by February 24th 2006


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