Back In Canada A bittersweet return, I was elated …

Back In Canada
A bittersweet return, I was elated to see my family, but always sad to leave Copenhagen. The conference went well, although I do apologize for not blogging more. But there are alot of good summaries of the presentations on Friday and Saturday over at GrandTextAuto.

I am learning that the art of a conference is not necessarily the 20 minute presentations that we sit through and decipher during the day, but it is the social networking that occurs during the coffee breaks and evening drinks. I was nervous travelling to this conference alone, fearing that I would feel alienated the entire time. Happily, I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd and by lunch on the first day, had met a woman from Belgium working with a research group that focuses on interface and useability for gallery (and other) sites. I also met a woman who was giving a digital literary reading which seemed interestingly different then the rest of the presentations at the conference.

I also got to chat with TL Taylor about many things ive always wanted to ask her, but still have many questions as always! Also got to meet Miguel Sicart and had a long chat on ethics and video games from a philosophical perspective – the very basic idea being that all games are wrapped up in ethics from the base of design onwards to the player. It was nice to talk to someone who had a strong theoretical form to their work. Over dinner and drinks, had a great evening chatting academics and WoW strategy with Torill Mortensen as well as Jill Walker and Scott Rettberg from GrandTextAuto, and finally the poor guy who asked me questions before knowing how much I like to chatter, Andrew Hutchison from Curtin University. For these encounters alone, the conference was worth every penny and the hassle to wire money to Denmark.


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