DAC 2005: Day 1 A lot of good papers and food for …

DAC 2005: Day 1
A lot of good papers and food for thought. DAC is quite a bit smaller then DiGRA, and it has been nice to not have to choose one panel over another. There are only 2 split sessions during the conference, so its not that bad at all. With a range of topics and perspectives, here’s a bit of what I got to hear today.

Today I got a taste of Espen Aarseth’s differentiation between fiction and simulation (interesting if not problematic distinctions along the lines of function and purpose); a very interesting methodology report on a ‘game’ package for respondents to keep track of their game play experience and overall notions of what games mean to them; some more ideas on immersion, the magic circle and its blurring boundaries within the idea of pervasive games and finally the undervalued (and understudied) role of diegetic sounds in games (mostly in terms of solo games). With one more panel to go before cocktails, it has been a productive note-taking kind of day.

Also there is a conference Wiki (mike!) for everyone to use and link to if anyone is interested in checking it out.


4 thoughts on “DAC 2005: Day 1 A lot of good papers and food for …

  1. and why aren’t you listed here?

    oh – because you’re keeping all your notes to yourself. selfish girl. you better hope the gift-economy doesn’t win.

    sorry – i’m just feeling like a smartass.

  2. i am not listed there because i couldnt figure out (in the short amount of time i had yesterday) to post my link to my blog. But I will do it today =)

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