The Haves and Have-Nots: Open source ideas without…

The Haves and Have-Nots: Open source ideas without the skills
I had a discussion recently with Mike about his ideas on open-source concept mmog’s. My only real argument was that to make something open-source was still only opening the possibilities of change and participation to those who had the skills to do so. I admit that my understanding of open-source is quite rudementary, but if i wanted to contribute to the structure and direction of my community (in terms of the mmog scenario) i would not have the technical ability to do so.

A year after gamecode’s TikiWiki woes, i am learning to appreciate what Mike was trying to offer us as a group. The ability of each member to add to and develop the space with a relatively small learning curve is a step in the right direction. At times, I resent having to go through those who have the skills to get my ideas online. This is in no way a diss to the people who have worked hard on our group’s site, but I miss the freedom to add at will on the tiki wiki and it made me think a bit more about what mike was saying recently about why couldnt we offer players the tools to ‘make’ their own avatars… why do our choices have to be from a stable of predesigned (and limited) characters… i am told its not truly a technological limitation but a design choice.

More on this later….work calls


3 thoughts on “The Haves and Have-Nots: Open source ideas without…

  1. [sarcastic voice]why kelly – in designing your avatar you have a choice of 24 different hair styles by hollywoods top stylists. how could you possibly feel a lack of control/empowerment in choosing your “perfect” avatar?

  2. ahh – perfection on hollywood’s terms! silly me..
    on microsoft’s terms ..
    on… /gasp … blogger’s terms..
    you are responsible for this unrest i feel in control (or lack thereof) within my digital space… just know that ;o)

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