Virtually Real Memories Today we were driving alon…

Virtually Real Memories
Today we were driving along the highway when I saw some beautifully picturesque landscape. As i looked out my window, I got a sense of familiarity – like I had seen it before. Then it dawned on me… this hilly landscape with the old wooden fence around a few old houses reminded me of the human villages in WoW just a ways along the path from the Undercity. When I realized this, I was in a little bit of awe that my memories of both virtual and tangible worlds have become so interchangeable. I know this has been written about before over at terra nova (i may have even posted about it here before), but i guess it just struck me a bit awe-inspiring and weird at the same time.


Summer Vacation I make my annual migration eastwa…

Summer Vacation
I make my annual migration eastward this coming Sunday. I am looking forward to spending a few weeks on the beach with my family. Sun, sand, beers and barbecues indeed =)

Although I look forward to this time of year, I always get nervous about cutting myself off from technology for 5 weeks. I spend two weeks with no internet, no television or telephone. Just me, my family and my laptop. (the other 3 weeks is spent with a dial up connection at least)

The thought of uninterupted days of quiet and relaxation (and writting) is both exciting and scarry to someone who lives in a very wired house that usually runs 3 computers, internet radio and television all at the same time in the same room (its a big room heh)

Being a family that games together online (EverQuest, DaoC, Sims and currently full family fun in World of Warcraft) I’ve been preparing for some alternative family fun. I bought Carcassonne for “family game night” at the cottage, along with Risk: Godstorm and for some good old fashioned solo play – Rush Hour.

Summer vacation is also our family’s big reading burst. I’m reading Collapse and Lessig’s Free Culture for a book review over at Ukula, my oldest daughter is reading TTYL (appropriate literature for a connected girl of 13 heh) along with the Madison Finn series and my youngest daughter is reading the Witches series. While my spouse – who will undoubtedly go through the largest vid game withdrawal of all of us – will finally get around to reading Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver… a good summer’s worth of reading ahead indeed.

And if I happen to find myself bored or lamenting the busy days of the academic year, I’ve made it my goal to further develop the two papers presented at Digra for publication before the fall semester begins – what better place to be inspired to write then sitting on a private beach, pen and paper in hand?