DiGRA Its tuesday, and I am home and exhausted. Ha…

Its tuesday, and I am home and exhausted. Happy to be in my own bed, but sad that i dont have a maid coming in every day to make sure my room is all clean =)

For my first international conference, I must say that DiGRA was an incredible success. My presentations (2) went over without a hitch – i even decided to ‘wing it’ for my formal mentoring session. It went way better then I ever could have imagined I must say. There was alot of genuine interest in both the socio-semiotic paper Maude and I presented, as well as my paper on role theory. I was astonished to have some (imo) senior academics in the field actually approach us to talk about the future of our work. I met so many people that I have read and cited quite often – it was fabulous.

And as for the social networking, I met some great people and had a great time all in all. Some were purely social, others purely work related, but both were great.


And there were some pretty decent papers presented as well as some great alternative games (one that was controlled with a full face gas mask and movement on the screen was activated by heat from one’s breath..and another that was voice controlled – but needed 4 voices, each voice controlling a seperate direction, requiring the four participants to work cooperatively to work the disk through the twists and turns)

All in all, the conference was an opportunity, and worth the sleep deprivation that accompanied it.


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