Born Again N00bies A recent post on old and new pl…

Born Again N00bies
A recent post on old and new players and experience expectations over at Academic Gamers got me thinking about my gaming status in Everquest. Back in the proverbial day, I was a high level shaman with elite armor and a master alchemist. (no easy feat in EQ at that time!) After we hit the peak of our game, three years of intense weeks, many many hours later, our guild started splintering off to do other things, play different games and generally, just getting on with life.

In recent weeks, after an almost 2 year hiatus, of nothing but puttering around to say hi to old friends, I have decided to come back and play again (for both personal and research purposes).
After about a week of puttering around, trying to get my sense of direction and remember the mental maps in my head of zones and whatnot, I realized … I am a well equipped n00bie! Sometimes i feel that i might as well have bought Velixious (my shaman) on ebay!

I have enjoyed many deaths and looking silly in front of others for the last 2 weeks, and am trying to get the courage to start ‘LFG’ (looking for groups) again. But I have been feeling painfully shy about my aging skills and comparatively tattered armor – I cant believe how far behind the success game i have fallen.

I feel like they should put my character’s creation date over her head along with her name to give her some cred when it comes to getting a group to play with.


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