Nostalgia & Technology Simply defined, nostalgi…

Nostalgia & Technology

Simply defined, nostalgia is a yearning for something experienced in the past. For most people, its usually a yearning for the way things were in their childhood, or college years or something appropriately time-lined. But in the case of technology, the speed that it develops and changes significantly alters the time frame for nostalgia. My neighborhood did not change drastically in 5 years when i was a child, but the game world of Everquest changed significantly – to the point that many people picked up and moved. With all nostalgia, there is always the glossing over of the bad times and exagerration of the good – but isnt that always the way when we experience a great first of anything?

How does this quick paced nostalgia affect the way we perceive future technology and the worlds created by it? Is my yearning for a community lost 5 years ago any different then those from who talk about what the internet ‘used to be’ and how great it was back in the day of MUD’s …


Welcome 2005 Another year ahead, 2005 looks to …

Welcome 2005

Another year ahead, 2005 looks to be one of my more exciting years academically. First and foremost, i will be putting to bed my first degree in my academic career. I had started my bachelor of arts degree in the 1994-1995 academic year at the University of New Brunswick. My daughter had just turned two. After a year of single-parenthood and a full course-load, i decided that it was not the time to pursue my education and focus on taking care of her. 10 years, another lovely daughter and great spouse later, i will finally graduate in April.

This year proposes to be a challenging one nonetheless. With big academic aspirations, I have submitted two papers for the upcoming DiGRA conference; one by myself and one with a fellow gamecode member, Maude Bonenfant. We are also planning to submit for an upcoming issue of the journal Simulation and Gaming. I am applying to graduate school here in Montreal at Concordia to continue working on my research on video games and identity with Prof. Bart Simon. Prof. Simon, myself and a fellow student (Mark Silverman) are also working on a chapter for the forthcoming EQ Theory Reader – the work is due for June 2005, the book is due out in 2006.

And somewhere in there, I plan on fitting in some serious EverQuest data collection and research, finish my honour’s thesis and spend time with my family – I am sure my daughters get tired of seeing my face in books!

I am both nervous and excited for this year to unfold, I can’t remember my life path being this clear and on track! 2005 I am ready!