Growing up…again As a mother of a ‘on the bri…

Growing up…again

As a mother of a ‘on the brink’ of teen daughter, I have recently been suffering through all that awkward growing stages and unpopularity phases of girlhood all over again. No matter how stressed out I am over school work, what my future holds, rent and car troubles, i have to honestly say, I am glad that those are the least of my worries.

It saddens me to have to watch my daughter go through all of those backstabbing catty girl fights that most of us remember from our younger years. Knowing that all i really want to do is go to school for her and straighten out the bratty kids who think they are ‘all that’. I sometimes secretly wish for a Freaky Friday incident …otherwise, i know i have to sit back quietly, being her private cheerleader, explaining the bigger picture of life to her, letting her know that she is better then that, and to try hard not to stoop to their level… It is hard to watch her cry, knowing there’s little I can do to make things better…

If anyone has any tips on how to get through this (for both of us!) my ears and eyes are wide open!


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