My Messy Documents In the spirit of procrastina…

My Messy Documents

In the spirit of procrastination, cleaning has always been my escape when I am supposed to be doing other, more important things. Sitting at my computer, where I was supposed to be working on any number of papers or abstracts, I looked in My Documents and realized that I have never cleaned this room!!! Sure the bedrooms, living room and kitchen in my house looks spic and span, but how could I have ever forgotten about the rooms (folders) that occupy my digital space.

Like a desk overflowing with books, papers and coffee cups, when i looked in my documents, I couldnt believe the mess!!! Sschool files in music folders, copies of my lease in my research folders … it was just BEGGING to be organized. In the spirit of purging one’s material possesions, I managed to delete pictures of old online friends, half finished papers for classes long since credited and random pieces of digital reminders. I can’t believe how clean my room is now!

Guess I should get back to work now!


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