Alter Ego: Pixels & Pores (cross posted with ga…

Alter Ego: Pixels & Pores

(cross posted with gamecode)

The idea of people creating their avatars as representations or escape of self is something that i have been exploring throughout my avatar work over the last year.There is currently an exposition running at a gallery in england that shows pictures pf players and their avatars, some of the resemblances are uncanny while others are great departures from the self.

What i like about the exposition is the choice the players made in deciding to participate in the exhibit. There is something in that moment when you share your avatar with the world. It connects the person with the avatar in a way that makes it more concrete – more of an actual part of yourself. The avatar is not merely another interface a player has to go through to get to the game.

I remember the feeling of pride that i had when Bart used an image of Velixious at one of his IGDA presentations…part of me was embarrased as if he was showing baby pictures of me to a large crowd, while on the other hand, i felt that Velix was getting the recognition she deserved (apart from me).. as an individual – an entity onto herself, that deserved the reward of wider exposure, beyond the game space.

Anyways, here are some links to check out.

Terra Nova – Alter Ego post

Official Exhibit Site

BBC Report on the exhibit


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