First Day of School And my head hurts already! …

First Day of School

And my head hurts already! It was relatively uneventful since the professors figure people are still ‘shopping’ for classes, they don’t often jump right into the lecture. This fall semester might be an interesting one all things considered. With a course on occupations & identity – hoping that this will tie some theory into stuff i am currently working on in the game studies field on roles/tasks + work/social responsibilities in MMORPG’s. Also taking a course on mass media – critical theory .. could be interesting – the reading list looks it at least =)

What else, a sociology of digital games course … an independent reading course that i have been working on since the summer – there is lots to read, and a heavy paper to write when its all said and done – but at least there is no class time. Have a research design and analysis course that i have to take – if anything else, it will be useful for a lifetime of research and academia =)

And the tug ‘o war between honours seminar (if they ever make up their minds and accept me … or not.. into the damn program) and sociology of knowledge (which i was dying to take!!) if i dont get into the honours program.

So, all in all, coupled with gameCODE and my independent work in game studies, it looks like a full final year. Will try to keep this space updated with some regularity now that school has forced me to keep a routine.


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