Chilly Nights & New Books A definite sign that …

Chilly Nights & New Books

A definite sign that summer is almost over. As i struggle to meet my end of summer deadlines, i can’t figure out where the time went. June began full of ambition and enthusiasm while August ends exhausted.

My stint as a Research Assistant is nearly over, and starting in September, i go back to being a regular student. It’s with mixed emotions that i tie up the last loose ends on the projects i was paid to fulfill. My professor emailed me the other day asking to meet so that i could pass on the work i have felt so close to to a new research assistant – although i look forward to less deadlines, i am also saddened to see someone else continue my work. Sort of like watching your children grow up i suppose. [My daughter just turned twelve, is almost as tall as i am and can stay alone in the apartment in the afternoons – handing over her indepence should have prepared me to hand over my work]

I am heading into my last undergraduate year, again, a milestone that felt like it would never arrive. I started my degree in 1995 at another university, 2 children later, i will see my graduation 10 years later. I am both excited and nervous to move into my Master’s (granted i get accepted that is). Sometimes, you do something for so long, you can’t imagine it ever ending. Although i took an academic break from start to finish, i never thought i would actually see it end. I am constantly reminded that ‘your bachelor’s is nothing’; to move on and look forward to what is ahead. I guess i am just afraid that there is nothing ahead…

On that note, i should get back to work – deadlines are coming fast – and i wouldnt mind a few days off between sessions.


Summer Hiatus Been a while since I last posted,…

Summer Hiatus

Been a while since I last posted, but summer vacation prevails. From sunny decks in the country to hot beaches on the Island, summer has been flying by as usual. Been doing alot of work though, and have alot of notes to post here over the next week or two. Slowly getting back into working form. =)