Media/Technology/Politics – Discussion Topics M…

Media/Technology/Politics – Discussion Topics

More questions we are asked to ponder – the thread itself has given quite a few … interesting/long winded answers that don’t quite answer the question per se – but a good exercise for some to work on honing in on key points in their arguements. Unfortunately, the forums aren’t open to the public, but would be good for a smile if they were.

On to today’s topic: Question 1

1.In the midst of a service-oriented economic period, minds produce commodities that are data, information, binary products of all kinds. Can this still be called labor?

If the efforts, whether physical or intellectual, of one man/woman makes a profit for another, then essentially, this is still labor in the Marxist sense. The traditional structure of capitalism and its hierarchies of power are still evident in the ‘wired’ age, regardless of the ‘type’ of work that is being done.

see Barney pg.107/108 :: Ownership of the Means of Power


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