Requests and response Kelly has asked me on occ…

Requests and response

Kelly has asked me on occasion what I’ve thought about the things she’s written here in various posts. I’ve rarely had an answer for her and I suspect she thinks I don’t read this blog.

Now, while it’s true that my days of regularly surfing to various sites are a thing of my now-long-dead pre-1998 past, it isn’t true that I don’t attempt to surf and read regularly certain sites and blogs, this one included.

However, while perusing here, the thoughts that I come up with while reading staying head-bound, caught up in a tangle of feelings and focuses.

True, I haven’t studied yet much of what Kelly has been treated to of late through her courses and personal interest pursuits, so yeah, I’m a wee bit jealous of her erudition. But what this really means IMO is that I can’t meaningfully contribute to the conversation unless she first takes the time to teach me a bit and even then I’d be a bit self-conscious, because I’d be aware that naturally she can only present what she herself has taken out of readings.

In the end, though, I suspect the real reason is that my headspace just isn’t there these days. With the time off from academia I’ve been pretty much taking of late, my head is more caught up in travel plans, project management at my employer, and recipes/marriage/home renovations. I don’t have the enviable ability Kelly has to read six books simulataneously and immerse myself in thought of the calibre she shows regularly here.


Kelly, I envy you your life right around now.


Where’s that Freaky Friday chinese lady with the fortune cookie when you need her, hmm?


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