Differences between "real" world and academia (Par…

Differences between “real” world and academia (Part 1)

Okay where do I start?

I think I’ll just be generally prolific today (i.e. spewing opinions)! So you’re warned! This is the first of many over the next few days…

/rant on

For Kelly’s post about learning through talking things out the way I think happens in a seminar session in the upper years….made me think about something that happened at work lately that stood in stark contrast to that and made me think about the difference between so-called “real world” and academia…

I’m the type of person that figures things out and sorts them out by talking them out with someone or writing them out. I’m also a collaborative type. All of this means that when I’ve got a problem to solve or an issue to address or a bunch of avenues to explore to do some type of task, I want to sit down with someone and hash it out by talking it out loud.

No problem right?

Sure. No problem in academia.

Try doing it on the job. Especially with a man (there’s no gender police on this blog, is there?)

See…I’ve gone through three bosses in three years on this job in big pharma here in Laval. My first two bosses understood my collaborative and vocal tendencies and indulged me. To digress a bit, given that I’m doing web stuff AND I’m kinda doing bleeding-edge stuff (as least, bleeding edge compared to everyone else in my company and the pharma industry)…no one gets me. So I can’t talk to just my general co-workers, cause I don’t have any …and I can’t talk to my clients…cause they don’t get it…

Anyways, I get this new pseudo-temporary-boss last fall when my second boss went off to become a sales rep in the company. I’m working on a project. It’s an important project for the company. I hit a snag or an issue or whatever on a few occasions. Project, life. Normal right? I schedule a quick meeting and I sit down with my pseudo-boss dude and I talk about it with him. We come up with solutions. I implement them. Figured all was well.

Not so fast.

Today I get my annual performance review for 2003 in the internal mail from my actual boss, who’s the VP of the department. Turns out she’s asked my pseudo-boss to do most of my review and he has put something in there about how I have trouble problem solving and managing projects and he had to hold my hand on more than one occasion and that means that I need serious help and coaching and trianing on project management!

This…from the guy who ALSO got pissed when he ISN’T consulted!!!

So because of that ONE DAMN COMMENT from him, I won’t get a bonus this year!!!!


Someone! Quick! Check! Is the top of my head still there????

/rant off


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