If only we lived on paper…as a document that did…

If only we lived on paper…as a document that did not eat, need clothing or get sick (and require medicine..) or any other unexpected happening that costs money…

(warning: this post contains personal information!)

I check out my student loan information, as i do with obsessive regularity, and realize that the government has revoked some of my bursary they had awarded me towards my studies. I cannot understand this since i have not received the maximum benefits for a person in my ‘category’. I call the AFE to find out that i made too much (HAHAHAHHA) money last fiscal year and they had to deduct the difference…after doing all the calculations of bills i pay out, and add the loans & bursaries – recalculated- awarded with the income i made working, it seems that $47.39 a week is sufficient for a family of three for groceries, clothes and other personal necessities… hmm.. wonder if the government officials who made that decision would like to try it for a few weeks…

Needless to say, i am fuming…with the end of my degree sickingly in sight, i am faced with yet another potential ulcer to get this straightened out. The AFE does have an “Exceptional Case Application” that you can fill out and apply for at least the money they took away..a (very) detailed budget and about 10 letters to explain why you find yourself in a situation that may jeopordize the completion of your degree, in other words, beg and we’ll think about it…

Back in the 1800’s-ish, when university was offered to the upper class elite and their children, the idea was that education was a privelege…these days, students and other groups are fighting to make it a right.. theoretically, we have made leaps and bounds of progress to allow the not so priveleged (sp?) to get an education with government assistance, although i understand the idea that education should be a right, i feel the government still sees it as a privelege…the last time i called the AFE to straighten out financial details, the voice on the other end told me that if i couldnt afford to go to university, i had no right to expect the government to pay for me..to be fair, the woman today was much nicer, but i still get a twinge of frustration at the entire system.


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